Al Baqarah 269
Alloh memberikan Hikmat kebijaksanaan (ilmu yang berguna) kepada siapa yang dikehendakiNya dan siapa yang diberikan hikmat itu maka sesungguhnya dia telah diberikan kebaikan yang banyak. Dan tiadalah yang dapat mengambil pengajaran (dan peringatan) melainkan orang-orang yang menggunakan akal fikirannya.

Hadist Nabi :

Pergunakanlah kesempatan lima (perkara) sebelum (datangnya) lima (perkara):

1. Waktu hidupmu sebelum matimu,

2. Waktu sehatmu sebelum sakitmu,

3. Waktu luangmu sebelum sibukmu,

4. Waktu mudamu sebelum tuamu dan

5. Waktu kayamu sebelum kefakiranmu.

Minggu, Februari 14, 2010


The  works comprise the supply and installation of electrical materials and equipment to the substation including installation of power cable from the PLN supply to a new PLN switch house and installation of power cable from the new PLN switch house to the incoming disconnecting switch cubicle all in accordance with the specification and drawing.

     2.  MATERIALS :
  1. Location : electrical equipment such as a distribution transformer which produces significant heat shall be installed outdoors. The operation condition of the substation (either opening or closing of the circuit breaker, or of any faults) shall be indicated on the indication device at the building. 
  • Installation : Equipment and device installed within the substation buildings shall be housed in cubicles. In priciple, main circuits between facilities shall be made by power cables. All the charged parts/conducters shall be enclosed in a cubicle, or other protection.
  • Manufacture : Where new equipment supplied by the project is connected with the existing equipment, the contractor is responsible to ensure the compatibility of function and performance between the new and existing equipment.
  • Electrical requirements : The electrical requirements for AC 20 kV and AC 6 kV shall be as follows :
  1. AC 20 kV system :  
  • Nominal Voltage                   : 20 kV
  • Rated Voltage                       : 24 kV
  • Insulation Level                     : 125 kV ( rated lightning impulse withstand voltage peak) 
                 :  50 kV ( Retaed short duration, 1 min, power frekuency withstand Voltage, r.m.s.
  • Rated frequnecy                     : 50 Hz.
  • Rated bus current                   : Not less than 600 A
  • Rated short time withstand current : Not less than 20 kA ( 1 second )
  • Max fault level                              :  Not less than 20 kA.
TO BE Continued.............................

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