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Centralized Train Supervision (CTS) refers to the function of signaling equipment to supervise, collect, display and record each process and information of train operation.
Comparison within CTC,CTS and LCP as follows :
(1) Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) is basically a signaling equipment as properly functioned to detect and control railway traffic through detection and controlling of interlocking in each station (including substitute power supply) and the position of train through centralized train numbering.
(2) Centralized Traffic Supervision system (CTS) is basically a centralized train controlling equipment not equipped with railway traffic controlling function.
(3) Local Control Panel (LCP ) which have functioned as the connector between the operator with electric signaling equipment in operating to set route and shunting route including to monitor the signal indications, track circuit indications and train movement and shunting operation including the position of point tongue in the area of interlocking control.

CTC-CTS equipment must fulfill the Requirement below:
(1) High reliability level, readiness and maintenance.
(2) Tested Safe Technology.
(3) Displaying failure indicator of signal equipment and power supply in the designated areas.
(4) Functions to control signaling equipment at the stations in their controlling area [only for CTC].
(5) Equipped with mimic panel which displays the position of railway yard, indication of each signaling equipment at the stations of its controlling areas.
(6) Equipped with telephone communication facilities operated by the personnel in each station/single railway and communication radio operated by the train master then in charge of the area under his control.
(7) Equipped with facilities to access data logger available in interlocking system at each station in the designated controlling areas.
(8) CTS/CTS must properly function in the following conditions:
· Room temperature 0-45° C· . Room Humidity 90%

(1) CTC and CTS equipment must be positioned in the room which shall be equipped with Air Conditioning System.
(2) CTS and CTC equipment is preferably installed in such a way that supervision and control over railway traffic can be performed in effective and efficient manner including several connected tracks.

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