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1.1 This ection covers the requirements for the procurement of railroad turnouts materials of the types and in the quantities necessary to complete the required track work in the locations shown on the Drawings.

1.2 This ection also covers the requirement for quality of the steel, manufacturing, tolerance on dimensions and related technical conditions for the supply of the products as required.
1.3 The installation of switches is contained in Section 05412: R54 SIMPLE TURNOUT #10, #12, and #10 SCISSORS CROSSING.

2.1 The codes and standards listed below form a part of this pecification :

- American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
A 6 General Requirement for Rolled Steel Plates, shapes, sheet Piling and Bars for structural use

A 48 Gray Iron Castings, Spec. for the rigid brace
A 682 Steel, High - carbon, Strip, Cold-Rolled, Spring Quality, General Requirement

- International Union of Railways (UIC)

The Contractor shall comply with the applicable reference standards listed in Section 01201: QUALITY CONTROL and as specified herein.

4.1 Submittals shall be made in accordance with the requirements of Section 01202: SUBMITTALS and as specified herein.

4.2 The Contractor shall submit Certificates of Compliance, attesting that the materials conform to the standards specified herein. Certified copies of mill test reports shall be furnished for turnout components. Copies of laboratory test reports shall be submitted with the certificates.
4.3 Shop d rawings shall be submitted for approval. The drawings shall include all shop and erection details. Members and connections for any portion of the turnouts not shown on the Contract Drawings shall be detailed by the manufacturer and indicated on the shop drawings.


1.1 Types of switches shall be as follows:

- No. 10 Turnout
- No. 12 Turnout

- No. 10 Scissors Crossing
1.2 Size and dimensions of rail for the turnouts shall be of R54 rail unless otherwise specified and shall conform to the Drawings.

Switches shall comprise of the following components and be complete and ready for assembly at work site.

- Switch Assembly (including switch rail, stock rail, slide plate and rigid brace)
- Frogs (crossings)

- Main Rail (including guard rail)
- Closure Rails (lead rails)

- Accessories (as required for Turnouts with Concrete Sleeper
-Concrete / Wooden sleepers


3.1 Materials for switch rail and stock rail shall be in accordance with Section 05102: R54 RAILS.
3.2 Materials for frogs shall be high manganese steel casting conforming to the following requirements:

Tensile Strength


80 kgf/mm2 min.



40% min.

Bending Property


180 degrees (inside radius 25 mm)

Brinell Hardness


170 - 223 HB (after casting)

Chemical Composition


Carbon : 0.90 - 1.20 %

Mangan : 11.0 - 14.0 %

Silicon : 0.3 - 0.8 %

Phosphorus : 0.05 % max.

Sulfur : 0.035 % max.

3.3 Materials for slide plate shall be in conformance with the requirements for base plate.
3.4 Materials for rigid brace shall be in accordance with ASTM A48 with tensile strength of more than 207 MPa.

3.5 Materials for closure rails shall be in accordance with Section 05101.
3.6 Materials for bolts and nuts shall be in accordance with ASTM A6.

3.7 Materials for spring washers shall be in accordance with ASTM A682.
3.8 Materials for joint bars shall be in accordance with ASTM A6.

3.9 Materials for tie plates shall be in accordance with ASTM A6.
3.10 Materials for fillers shall be in accordance with ASTM A6.3.11 Materials for turnout concrete sleepers or wooden sleepers shall be in accordance withthe standards of AREMA 1996-Chapter 30-Part 4-and AREA 1996-Chapter 10-part 1.

4.1 All foundry and machine work shall be in accordance with good practice for the class of work involved.

4.2 All parts shall conform to the required dimensions and shall be free from defects that will prevent proper functioning of the switch.
4.3 All like parts of switches produced by the same manufacturer shall be interchangeable.

4.4 For frogs, the castings for high manganese steel content shall be made in accordance with UIC 866 - 0.
4.5 Tongue rails for switches shall be made from special section rails of section A UIC 861-2-0 or equivalent standards and be elastic type. The heel ends of tongue rails shall be shaped so as to ensure smooth connection with lead rails. Full considerations shall be made to ensure that the part where special machining for elasticity is required shall have sufficient strength.

5.1 All castings shall be carefully cleaned of sand, fins, detachable oxide and shall be free from casting holes, gates and shrinkage heads. They shall be free of such defects as pipes, scales, blisters and shrinkage cracks which could affect adversely their suitability for use of their solidity. They shall present clean surface; any irregularities, traces of joints, casting fins, etc., shall be carefully ground off.

5.2 Running surfaces and their connecting fillets, fishing tables and all surfaces which are in contact with the assembly shall conform to the correct profile and gauge. If the Engineer so requires, the running edges and fishing tables shall be ground by machine.
5.3 Fishing holes shall be drilled and chamfered to 1 mm at the ends. Holes for sleeper screws and for electrical connections may be cast undersize and then opened out to correct size.


6.1 All switches shall be pre-assembled in a mill, and checked of conformity to permissible variation as specified below. Switches shall be marked as specified. After that switches shall be knocked down and packed.
6.2 Permissible variation in a pre-assembled condition shall be as follows.


Main Line

Branch Line



± 1 mm

± 2 mm


± 1 mm

± 2 mm

Per 10 m in Length

Cross Level

± 2 mm

± 2 mm

Longitudinal Level

± 2 mm

± 2 mm

Per 10 m in Length

7.1 Each casting shall bear the following marks in relief so as to be readily visible:

- The manufacturer’s mark,

- The month of manufacture in Roman numerals and the last two figures of the year of manufacture,
- Reference number (order number or such other symbol as the purchaser may require),

- The symbol of the rail profile and angle of crossing, or simply the crossing type symbol,
- The serial number by crossing type and an arrow showing the direction of casting the metal

7.2 These marks shall be cast in relief and shall be located as shown on the Drawings submitted for approval by the Contractor; they shall be between 20 and 40 mm high.

8.1 The metal parts shall be protected against rust during long periods of storage, and by such methods and means as proposed and approved.
8.2 Irrespective of the method of protection adopted, the whole surface area, especially the machined sections, shall be covered with a protective coating.

8.3 Packing used for dispatch shall not have been previously used for any purpose which would result in damage to these materials.
8.4 The packages shall be sealed as necessary, and each package shall bear the following information as applicable, in clearly indelible characters on label firmly fixed to the package.

- Name or the mark of the supplier.
- Order number.

- Description of parts contained.
- Number and total weight of the parts.

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